The Context With John Barron

The Context With John Barron catch up

Season 2022

Season 2022, Episode 8 - Should Humans Return To The Moon?

2.0 3 x
NASA plans to return to the moon in 2025. It's been 50 years since man last landed on the lunar surface so why go back now? Plus John asks a leading infectious diseases expert when will the COVID pandemic end. (Final)

Season 2022, Episode 7 - Modern Marriage In Australia

3.0 3 x
Around two thousand couples get married in Australia every week. John Barron takes a look at modern marriage and divorce. Plus is there any danger of polio returning to Australia?

Season 2022, Episode 3 - Abc 90 Years

3.0 16 x
As the ABC celebrates 90 years on air, John Barron looks at the national broadcaster's news coverage over the past nine decades. John speaks to two iconic ABC journalists about what's changed and what's remained the same.

Season 2022, Episode 1

4.0 13 x
John Barron takes a look at the context behind key issues. The decades-long battle against smoking has seen millions quit, but more than one in 10 adults still smoke. Is vaping part of the solution or a whole new problem?

Season 2022, Episode 6

4.0 20 x
Are we a nation of gamblers? John Barron speaks with Australia's top experts on poker machines, gambling and addiction. Plus are we seeing the return of the Cold War or something potentially more deadly?

Season 2022, Episode 5 - Home Ownership - Dream Or Nightmare?

4.0 17 x
As interest rates go up again, John Barron looks at if the Great Australian Dream of owning your own home has actually become a nightmare. Plus what do tulips have to do with crypto-currencies?

Season 2022, Episode 4 - Roe V Wade

4.0 18 x
The US Supreme Court has stripped Americans wanting to terminate a pregnancy of the constitutional right to do so. John Barron looks at the history, legal reforms, ethical debates and practical limitations in Australia.

Season 2022, Episode 2

3.0 33 x
John Barron takes a deeper look at the major stories and key issues. He examines the facts and the social and historical implications of the subjects you're talking about. Each week John puts the headlines into context.