The Day My Butt Went Psycho!


Season 1, Episode 112 (The Notorious B.u.t.t/ Prom Prom Night)

2.5 47 x
When the world's best lymerickologist comes to Mabeltown, nothing's going to get between Zack and his hero./ Zack has his mind blown when Paige asks him to the Prom Prom - could this be

Season 1, Episode 111 (Last Of The Plungercorns/ Smelling Bee)

3.0 72 x
When Zack gets a plunger stuck on his head, it's instant fame!/ If there's one person in all of Mabeltown that can beat Zack and Deuce in the Smelling Bee, it's Maurice's secret human half.

Season 1, Episode 106 (Don't Shoot The Messagebutt/ Buttnado)

3.0 25 x
Can Zack and Eleanor decode Silas' top secret mission in time to save Mabeltown./ Zack and Eleanor always knew Mabeltown would be destroyed by a fart: Is this that day.

Season 1, Episode 92 (How Deuce Got His Stink Back/ Big Butt House)

3.0 30 x
Zack accidentally removes Deuce's stink - the essence of what it means to be a butt./ Six butt-fighters enter and only one leaves - who will win this year's Big Butt House?

Season 1, Episode 91 (Flush Of Doody/ The Fast & The Gluteus)

3.0 99 x
As the Great White Butt rolls into town, can Zack's sweet gamer skillz save the day?/ It's peddle to the metal as Zack and Deuce go for the win in the Mabeltown Rally!
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