The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs

March 2017

Season 1 Episode 2

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Dr Chris van Tullenken has been trying to treat specially selected patients without drugs and wants to share what he's learnt with fourteen thousand patients at the clinic. The drug free clinic has an underwhelming launch, as Dr Chris learns that people would rather pop a pill than make lifestyle changes. Chris meets Crystal, who is taking 30 pills a day for her chronic back pain. Over five months and a dramatic withdrawal from her addictive meds, Chris leads her on an extraordinary road to rec...

Season 1 Episode 1

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Last year, doctors in the UK handed over a billion prescriptions, a 50 percent rise in the last 10 years. Dr Chris van Tulleken knows drugs save lives, but he believes Britain's prescription drug binge is dangerous. To find solutions, he takes over part of a busy GP surgery in East London to try and take patients off their pills and treat them in other ways. His first patient is Wendy, who has been taking pain killers for the last 20 years to deal with chronic pain in her shoulder. Chris is det...