The Feed (UK)

August 2020

The Feed (UK) Season 1 Episode 10

3.0 5 x
Tom and Kate race frantically to save their daughter and to stop The Takers, but Kate can’t hide how severely injured she is for much longer. Tom must leave Kate behind in a place of safety. Meanwhile, Martha pushes Ben to question the real reason why Tom has always been Lawrence’s favourite son. Martha goads Ben - doesn’t...

The Feed (UK) Season 1 Episode 7

4.0 10 x
Convinced that Lawrence holds the key to where the Takers are coming from, Tom heads to The Hub. But whilst there he’s alarmed to find that Sue Cole has been rounding up identified Takers and detaining them on The Hub campus. Lawrence leaves one last slight for Ben and Meredith’s deepest secret is exposed. With her family ...