The Goldbergs


Mon 6 Feb, season 3 episode 21

3.0 14 x
As Erica rebels by falling for an unpopular classmate and his favourite band, Adam gladly relinquishes his position as favourite son to Barry so he can take a break from their mum, Beverly.

Tue 10 Jan, season 3 episode 20

4.0 22 x
When Adam picks a team of popular jocks over his friends in gym class, they seek revenge by forcing them to play Dungeons and Dragons. Murray objects when Erica wants to go away to college.

Thu 29 Dec, season 3 episode 18

3.0 15 x
Adam sets out to defraud a record club, but Erica gets the blame.

Thu 29 Dec, season 3 episode 19

4.0 15 x
Adam tries to use a magic act to attract girls, but is thwarted when Beverly insists on being his assistant.

Tue 27 Dec, season 3 episode 17

3.0 14 x
Beverly helps Erica plan a Dirty Dancing themed dance at school, only to turn on Erica when she realises it may be inappropriate. Meanwhile, Murray tries to learn dancing with Adam with little luck.
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