The Great Human Odyssey

November 2016

Season 1 Episode 3 - Journey's End

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Journey's End - Early humans eventually colonised Australia, the South Pacific, and the Americas. But how did our ancestors master the oceans? Learn how new discoveries in ancient DNA research are changing our understanding of the earliest sea voyag...
October 2016

Season 1 Episode 2 - The Adaptable Ape

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The Adaptable Ape - How did we become our planet’s only global species, at home in every environment on Earth? Learn how our ancestors found a way through the deserts and out of Africa. Explore the meeting of Neanderthals and humans. And discover ho...

S1 Ep1 - Rise Of A Species

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Rise Of A Species - Anthropologist Dr Niobe Thompson takes a journey in the footsteps of our human ancestors, and unlocks the mystery of our unlikely survival and miraculous emergence as the world's only global species. Like other kinds of humans wh...