The Great Pottery Throw Down

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The Great Pottery Throw Down

It's the grand final and the three remaining potters have just a hat trick of challenges left before one is crowned the winner. Who will win 'The Great Pottery Throw Down'?

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Season 2
It's semi-final week and just four potters remain, determined to take their place in the final. One of the UK's most loved comedians replaces Keith Brymer Jones at the wheel.
It is the quarter-final and two potters will be sent home. In the throw down, the potters have just ten minutes at the wheel to throw the widest bowl they can while blindfolded.
The remaining potters make as many goblets as they can in 15 minutes. However, any that fail to meet the judges' exacting standards will be thrown into the bin of doom.
It is garden week and judges challenge the remaining potters to make stunning ceramics for the great outdoors. But whose pot will take the fourth plinth in the winner's gallery?
The eight remaining potters must master the art of Japanese style ceramics. In the Throw Down, the potters have 15 minutes at the wheel to make as many rice bowls as they can.
The nine remaining potters face three more challenges, set by judges Keith Brymer Jones and Kate Malone.
Ten home potters return to Stoke-on-Trent in their quest to become Britain's new pottery champion. The potters must sponge decorate a coherent design across a pair of jugs.