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Nick fights to have a disabled boy placed with his ex-con stepfather; the Fallins are drawn into a proxy fight that could tear apart a family they have long represented.

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Season 1
The success of Nick's lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company depends on a young boy accusing his father of murder.
A hotshot lawyer is arrested and serves community service as a part-time child advocate at Legal Aid Services.
Burton's confirmation to the federal bench leaves Nick facing some tough decisions about his future.
Burton's decision to bring in a powerful former state senator and his aide into the firm stuns Nick.
A pair of homeless teenagers seeks help in getting married and keeping their baby; Nick runs the risk of botching an important deal that Burton hoped would prove he can be trusted with the firm.
A parole officer asks for help in his girlfriend's purchase of a strip club in exchange for keeping Nick's own violations from hurting Burton's chances at Federal judgeship.
After a woman asks Nick to have her daughter declared dead, the long-missing girl suddenly returns.
Nick and Lulu square off over the adoption that will split up two brothers; Jake struggles to find a way to keep his parents from losing their house.
As James represents a nephew being tried for the shooting death of his mom's abusive boyfriend, Nick's plans to make his feelings about Lulu clear are sidetracked by some unexpected arrivals.
A drug addicted mother takes her baby hostage in an effort to keep the infant from being taken away.
As Nick takes responsibility for a troubled teenage cousin, Burton is forced to confront some unpleasant memories of his late wife.
Nick suspects a longtime client of sexually abusing his daughter.
Moving to a new law firm starts Nick him on a downhill slide; Alvin represents the daughter of a woman he regrets defending years ago.
As Nick tries to reunite a twelve-year-old boy with a schizophrenic dad who murdered his wife, Alvin represents his ex-wife in a lawsuit being argued by Burton.
As Nick represents an Arab American who is being sued for defending his restaurant against a vandal's attack, Burton must face a flurry of possible defections from the firm, including his own son.
Nick reluctantly takes on the D.A. who prosecuted him when Barbara's son is arrested for possession.
Nick offers to adopt a twelve-year-old heart transplant candidate.
A car accident leaves Jake facing a possible jail term; a mother seeks to keep her mentally disabled son from being exploited by a drug dealer.
A teenage runaway coerces Nick into helping keep her and a younger sister from being separated; Alvin faces the loss of funding for his legal services clinic.