The House That 100K Built

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Skye and Matt attempt to transform their small three-bed home in West London. Then, Mary and her adult son Luke, are part of a growing trend that's a consequence of rising house prices.
Jaimelee and Lee want different things. Can Piers possibly deliver both? Then, a young family attempt to transform their gloomy flat.
Having spent the last five years living in a caravan, Sue and Tim are setting out to prove they can build a low cost contemporary farmhouse without scrimping on aspiration.
Heidi grew up in the idyllic breath-taking countryside near Inverness, but she and husband Steven can't possibly afford a home there.
Jo'Ann and Andy are attempting to not only build a home from scratch for less than 100k but also one that will never produce a heating or electricity bill.
Andrew and Claire have ditched their nine-to-five lives and gambled everything on a fledgling free-range egg farm.
Building a home had always been a dream of Sholto's but when his partner Marcus had to have a double organ transplant, the couple reassessed what's important in life.
Kieran Long and Piers Taylor are pushed to their design limits as they attempt to find innovative and inspirational ideas to help Wajid and Anam build a three-storey, six-bedroom home with just 100,000 pounds.
Piers revisits Sumati and must find a way to reinvigorate her to complete her home before it's too late.
Two years since struggling to build a home for less than 100K, owners now must finish them off. In this episode, Piers must find a way to rejuvenate Martin's thirst for an incredible home.
Episodes 2015
Kieran and Piers help a couple who want to transform their chaotic warehouse apartment into a tranquil family home using an ambitious architectural solution.
Kieran and Piers help a couple create something extraordinary and extend their home with 11,000 pounds and transform a kitchen for only 3000 pounds.
Kieran and Piers help a couple of design novices with some ambitious ideas make do with their small budget.
Kieran and Piers find a bold architectural solution within a tight budget for a dark, dingy and unsuitable home in an idyllic location.
Kieran and Piers help refit a 1920s semi-detached using some ingenious ideas, as well as transforming an impractical kitchen stuck in the 1970s on a tight budget.
Piers and Kieran meet former nurse, Dawn, who dreamed of a relaxing home for her retirement but an impulse buy has left her with a tiny cottage that's so small she doesn't even invite her family around.
Justin and Mary are planning to build a 95,000 pound home in rural Devon.
Leaving behind their conventional city-housing, Jane and Andy have bought a plot of land in an eco community in west Wales, where they can build their own home and enjoy a self-sufficient lifestyle.
Curator Kieran Long and architect Piers Taylor follow the progress of Tom and Zoe, who have opted to buy a plot of land on a Cambridgeshire housing estate and build their own home.
On the brink of retirement, Shropshire farmers Ruth and Tony are faced with a crumbling farmhouse, but they have ambitious plans to replace it with a determinedly modern design.