The Internet Ruined My Life

July 2016

S1 Ep6 - Video Villain

Expired 3.0 108 x
After aspiring model Jennifer Box participated in a prank video called 'Drunk Girl', the backlash on social media was so severe that it resulted in a collapsed lung and a derailed career. While writing stories for strangers on a typewriter in a public park, writer Christopher Hemlin found himself the target of online abuse as a stranger's photo of him sparked countless mocking comments, which eventually escalated to threats of physical abuse. (S.1 Ep.6) (From the US) (Documentary Series) PG

S1 Ep5 - Adults Only

Expired 3.0 13 x
Aspiring actress, Glee fan and an extra on the show, Nicole, sent out a harmless tweet about the season finale resulting in a serious spoiler alert, sullying her name in the industry and ending her acting career before it had the chance to begin. Sierra McCurdy's misuse of emojis in a comment on a breaking news story about two officers shot in her home town resulted in some serious death threats. The harrassment and backlash got so bad her whole family went into hiding. (S.1 Ep.5) (From the US)...

S1 Ep4

Expired 3.0 25 x
Annemarie's ex-boyfriend began posting naked photos of her online - ones she didn't consent to taking. Shared across porn sites, she was stalked, ridiculed and humiliated at work, eventually taking matters into her own hands. Hoping to promote her makeup business, Ashley posted before and after shots of her face on Instagram, and the internet went wild - with harsh criticism. Breaking down her confidence, Ashley's self-esteem hit an extreme low. (S.1 Ep.4) (From the US) (Documentary Series) (Cl...

S1 Ep3

Expired 3.0 36 x
At 19, Cameron’s interest in social media and shock value led him to a craze known as the Piss Olympics. What started out as a prank nearly landed Cameron in prison and forever marred his presence on social media. #pissresponsibly. In the aftermath of a devastating breakup, Allyson Pereira obliged to her ex-boyfriend’s request for a topless photo - only to have her image sent to all her friends and the entire school. (S.1 Ep.3) (From the US) (Documentary Series) (Class. tba)


Expired 3.0 28 x
Mark was succeeding in his professional and personal life: a great career as an executive chef and a great girlfriend. It all changed when mark found himself in a Facebook fight with a woman who was insulting the practices of a restaurant she'd never been to, leading to unsavoury words being said - and cost him his job. Brianna Wu loves working in the video game industry but spoke out about the sexism that comes along with it. But her outspoken tweets received backlash in the form of over 180 d...


Expired 3.0 148 x
This series explores the dark side of technology through first-person accounts of social media disasters. Ripped from the headlines, each episode tells the real-life stories of people whose posts, tweets or status updates brought about the wrong kind of attention. This episode features stories from former social media activist Suey Park before her #CancelColbert hashtag turned her life around for the worse. And Londoner Leigh Van Byran's tweet to 'destroy America' via partying hard led to his d...