The Killer Affair

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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 12 - Deadly Double Life

3.0 35 x
Police in Michigan, struggling to solve the murder of a beloved scrapyard owner, get a break in the case when an ex-cop's suicide note exposes a web of lies and a secret affair.

Episode 8 (Murder In A Small Town)

3.0 30 x
After a small town dentist is stabbed to death, investigators discover a web of extra-marital affairs and infidelity, and the odd behavior of an unexpected suspect helps crack the case.

Episode 7 (The Wrong Woman)

4.3 56 x
When a young mother is shot and killed, a revolver leads investigators to someone who knew both the victim and her ex-husband, but nothing is as simple as it seems.

Episode 5 (His Best Friend's Girl)

4.0 31 x
The lifelong friendship of two men is threatened when they both love the same woman, leading investigators to suspect murder when one of them disappears.

Episode 4 (The Murdered Millionaire)

4.0 48 x
Investigators have no shortage of suspects when a Wall Street millionaire is murdered in the middle of a bitter divorce; they must untangle a series of illicit affairs and dangerous liaisons to uncover the surprising identity of the killer.

Episode 3 (Lost In The Desert)

4.0 51 x
When a young military wife goes missing from a marine base, investigators suspect a forbidden love affair and a secret pregnancy may have driven someone to murder; but to prove it, they'll need to find the body.

Episode 2 (Murder In New Orleans)

4.0 46 x
A young mother's passionate affair with an old boyfriend ignites suspicion when someone close to both of them is murdered.

Episode 1 (Like Father, Like Son)

3.0 74 x
When police investigate the murder of a Private Investigator the trail leads them to a wealthy woman who had affairs with both a father and his son.