The Last Resort

June 2017

Episode 11

4.0 268 x
It's the moment our couples have been working towards for a month – the stunning make-or-break ring ceremony. With the celebrant ready to officiate, our couples make the most important decision of their lives.

Episode 9

4.0 63 x
After three weeks in paradise the couples return home to the most important people in their lives – their children. No longer under the guidance of the relationship specialists, some couples struggle to transition back to everyday life.

Episode 10

3.0 105 x
The couples are still adjusting to the reality of life after returning from the island retreat. Our relationship specialists shake things up by implementing a day where the couples swap roles with their partner, but not everyone is happy.

Episode 7

3.0 216 x
A group counselling session rattles one of the participants, causing the others to question whether the truth is too hard to handle. Then the ladies are tasked to arrange the perfect date for their partners.

Episode 8

3.0 168 x
It's the final day of the retreat and the relationship specialists have one last scenario planned for the couples. Each must dress up as older versions of themselves 50 years from now and deliver a eulogy describing their life together.

Episode 6

3.0 167 x
The couples are introduced to an "apology booth" where they can unload any lies or deceits they may have been hiding from their partners. For many this is a positive experience, but for one couple a controversial admission will rock them.
May 2017

Episode 5

3.0 194 x
The couples are forced to go back to basics when they are presented with their next island challenge. Each couple must spend 24 hours on a remote beach with no luxuries, relying on each other as they set up camp and brave the elements.

Episode 4

3.0 191 x
Our couples have less than three weeks to save their troubled relationships. While some are making good progress, others are struggling. One couple's time on the island comes to an abrupt end, with their sudden departure leaving everyone stunned.

Episode 3

4.0 151 x
It's time for the couples to address problems they face in the bedroom, with the relationship specialists calling upon sexologist Doctor Nikki Goldstein. She encourages the couples to discuss issues they typically experience behind closed doors.

Episode 1

4.5 316 x
Meet our five Aussie couples whose relationships have hit rock bottom. In a desperate attempt to salvage their relationships they travel to an island retreat in tropical paradise and meet the other couples for the first time.