The Living Room


Season 8, Episode 39

4.0 31 x
The team make a foolproof Christmas pudding, Barry and Amanda make the perfect little Santa house, Chris helps disadvantaged pets and Amanda learns how the Salvation Army help those at Christmas time.

Season 8, Episode 38

3.0 33 x
Cherie Barber helps a couple get their home ready for sale, Dr Chris Brown meets The Bionic Snake Catcher and Miguel serves up salmon in two special ways.

Season 8, Episode 37

4.0 21 x
Barry creates a practical display rack for Amanda's jewellery, Dr Chris Brown investigates why Amanda's dog is glued to the TV and Miguel and Amanda try and pull of the notoriously difficult souffle.

Season 8, Episode 36

4.0 31 x
Barry helps finish off your DIY's before summer begins, Chris visits Antarctica and Miguel prepares two salmon dishes- perfect for entertaining guests. Plus, Robert Irwin drops in for Hot Or Not.

Season 8, Episode 35

4.0 5 x
Barry helps finish a laundry renovation in 6 days, Miguel serves up a kangaroo fillet, Matt shares secrets to a well-manicured hedge and the team checks in with Chris from his trek to Antarctica.

Season 8, Episode 34

3.0 18 x
Matt helps a lacklustre courtyard live up to its potential. Chris shares tips to tame the most destructive of dogs and Miguel discovers the secrets of extracting salmon roe.

Season 8, Episode 33

4.0 14 x
Chris heads to South Australia in search of unicorns, Amanda and Miguel create the ultimate Pavlova, Barry renovates an unusable bathroom and Kyal and Kara create a hanging day bed.

Season 8, Episode 32

3.0 4 x
Barry uncovers the work that goes into making the actual Melbourne Cup, Miguel creates delicious cup-day canapes and Chris heads to The Hunter Valley, to meet a horse with a high pitched problem.

Season 8, Episode 31

3.0 12 x
Barry visits a house built out of the ashes of the Tasmanian bushfires, Chris visits the final resting spot of the infamous ship, the Batavia and Miguel makes a mouth-watering cheese tart.

Season 8, Episode 30

4.0 5 x
Miguel has a recipe for a delicious veggie-packed gozleme, Cherie shares her tips to maximise profits with minimum spend for your short-term rental and Bachelorette Angie Kent pops by for puppy trivia.