The Living Room

September 2020

2020 Episode 13

3.0 7 x
For years the Doyles have been busy fostering children, raising their own 3 girls, and running a charity. Barry wants to transform their backyard into an entertaining oasis for the entire family.

2020 Episode 12

3.0 15 x
Barry turns a bathroom from a non-functional mess, into a little piece of luxury, Miguel whips up an oyster feast and Chris goes on a damp dark adventure exploring the wonderful world of glow worms.

2020 Episode 11

4.0 17 x
Kabir might look like any other 7-year-old...But Kabir is gifted! With an IQ of 142, he loves science and his parents want to transform their rental into a new space that inspires him.

2020 Episode 10

4.0 22 x
For Father's Day, The Living Room is celebrating Dads, in all their dagginess. There'll be laughter, tears, some pretty awesome garage storage ideas, and plenty of eye roll worthy Dad jokes.
August 2020

2020 Episode 9

4.5 53 x
Happy 60th Birthday Baz! Mike Munro pays a visit to present Barry with his very own "This Is Your Birthday" book, and family and friends reminisce and share stories of what makes Baz so special.

2020 Episode 8

4.0 31 x
The Living Room takes a deep dive into the tiny home movement and explores the great benefits of going small that include smaller footprint, cheaper price and flexibility to move wherever you choose.

2020 Episode 7

3.3 48 x
The Slavin's run a community kitchen that distributes food for disadvantaged people. Due to their popular service, their home is bursting at the seams so Barry steps in to help them to find space.

2020 Episode 6

3.0 19 x
Amanda, Chris, Barry and Miguel step in to help an incredibly generous family who have dedicated their lives to "Supertees" a range of specially designed clothing for sick kids.

2020 Episode 5

4.5 30 x
Barry and Chris step up to the hotplate to create mouth-watering crispy miso salmon and symi prawns. Meanwhile, Miguel's off kitchen duty and into the bar as he serves up watermelon Margaritas.
July 2020

2020 Episode 4

3.0 41 x
Amanda, Barry, Chris and Miguel set off to Lismore to pay a visit to the selfless carers at a local animal rescue centre which relies heavily on public donations.