The London Markets


S1 Ep3 - Fruit 'n' Veg Market - Inside New Spitalfields

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Fruit 'n' Veg Market - Inside New Spitalfields - Successive waves of immigration have brought new people to New Spitalfields market in east London, people for whom food has a deeper meaning. #SBSfood

S1 Ep2 - Meat Market - Inside Smithfield

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The market at Smithfield was once the sole supplier of meat and poultry to London. But now political correctness and customer service is proving a challenge in the traditional man's world. #SBSdoco

S1 Ep1 - Fish Market - Inside Billingsgate

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Fish Market: Inside Billingsgate - London's oldest wholesale market is on the verge of its biggest change in over a thousand years. Fish merchants are facing tough times. The market is under pressure to modernise and its iconic and ancient traditions are under threat. The job of the licensed fish porter, once a job for lif...