The Longest Day In Chang'an

The Longest Day In Chang'an catch up

March 2020

Season 2 Episode 1

4.2 209 x
With his eyes gouged out, He Fu is locked up with Li Bi. Li Bi questions him about whether He Zhizheng was behind the plot to assassinate Lin Jiulang. He Fu tells him to ask He Zhizheng himself. Long Bo sends Wen Ran to kill Li Bi, who in desperation says that he is the only person that can make sure that Zhang Xiaojing st...

Season 2 Episode 10

4.0 28 x
Tan Qi begs Yan Yuhuan to plead with the Emperor to spare Zhang Xiaojing’s life by lying about Zhang Xiaojing being her lover. Yan Yuhuan grudgingly agrees. Lin Jiulang and Prince Yong both try to claim credit and the Emperor rebukes the Crown Prince for his incompetence. He Zhizheng steps forward to get the Crown Prince o...

Season 2 Episode 11

4.0 25 x
The Crown Prince and Lin Jiulang enter into a heated exchange, both trying to assign blame to each other. This scene confirms the Emperor’s suspicion that the Crown Prince ordered He Fu to assassinate Lin Jiulang. Long Bo brags to Li Bi about what he believes to be his flawless assassination plan. Li Bi is only interested ...

Season 2 Episode 12

4.0 29 x
The Emperor gazes at the magnificent Great Taoist Lantern and marvels at Mao Shun’s impressive design. Zhang Xiaojing is utterly baffled why Mao Shun would collaborate with Long Bo in making this destructive Lantern. Mao Shun tells of his reasons. The Emperor tells the Crown Prince to personally serve meat for everyone at...

Season 2 Episode 15

3.0 13 x
He Zhizheng fearlessly reminds the Emperor that a ruler who mistreats his own children can never be a great patriarch for his subjects, as an Emperor is expected to be. These frank words of caution ring alarm bells for the Emperor. Zhang Xiaojing is shocked by the revelation that the ruthless killer standing in front of hi...

Season 2 Episode 16

3.0 34 x
The Emperor publicly puts the Crown Prince in a conundrum. Not knowing what to do, he drops to his knees and asks to be excused under the pretext of being overcome. The Emperor makes no attempt to stop him. Lin Jiulang seizes the opportunity to smear the Crown Prince by claiming that his retirement from the banquet is a vi...

Season 2 Episode 17

4.0 38 x
The Emperor empathises with He Zhizheng’s patriotism for Great Tang and his heartfelt support and affection for the Crown Prince, and decides not to hold his actions against him. Seeing the Emperor’s resolve to revive Great Tang puts He Zhizheng to shame, and he drops to his knees and asks to be dealt with for his crime. Z...

Season 2 Episode 18

3.0 15 x
Long Bo leads the Emperor through the secret passage. Lin Jiulang and other officials lucky enough to have escaped are rescued by Yuan Zai. Guo Lishi lies about the Emperor being safe in order to calm the people. The Crown Prince dispatches a large search party to locate the Emperor. Meanwhile, Li Jingzhong urges the Crow...

Season 2 Episode 19

4.0 21 x
The copyist Zhu Ci from the Ministry of Revenue and his wife and son Zhu Xuan bring relief goods to the residents of a slum in Pingkang district. Zhu Xuan see the Emperor lying battered and injured by the road, beaten by a low-ranking bureaucrat. Zhu Xuan brings his parents over, they help the Emperor onto the horse carria...

Season 2 Episode 2

4.0 23 x
Lin Jiulang interrogates He Fu over the reason for the assassination and demands that he implicates He Zhizheng and the Crown Prince. He Fu remains tight-lipped and insists on staying silent until he is formally tried in a court of law. Li Bi is imprisoned in a dungeon in the underground city of Pingkang district. Despite ...