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April 2017

Season 1 Episode 23 - Frat Party

Expired 4.0 53 x
When Casey tells Mindy that he is moving to Haiti for a year, Mindy becomes extremely upset and goes to a frat party with her pre-med student mentee, where she runs into her ex-boyfriend Tom (guest star Bill Hader). Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy plot a way to lure Morgan away from the midwives.

Season 1 Episode 24 - Take Me With You

Expired 4.0 141 x
When Mindy decides to go to Haiti on a volunteer mission with Casey, Danny and his exwife, Christina, throw a party for them that they will never forget.

Season 1 Episode 21 - Santa Fe

Expired 4.5 51 x
As the doctors of Schulman and Associates prepare for a medical conference in Santa Fe, NM, Mindy receives a message from her ex-boyfriend, Josh (guest star Tommy Dewey), who is now living there and wants to talk. But Mindy is in for a surprise when she discovers why Josh moved west. Meanwhile, Morgan helps Jeremy work on ...

Season 1 Episode 22 - Triathlon

Expired 4.0 64 x
When Danny’s ex-wife, Christina (guest star Chloe Sevigny), comes back to New York to confront Danny about an emotional letter he had written to her, Morgan confesses that he had sent the letter unbeknownst to Danny, causing Danny to fire Morgan out of anger. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff compete in a triathlon and go h...

Season 1 Episode 19 - My Cool Christian Boyfriend

Expired 3.0 35 x
When Mindy goes on a date with a cute minister named Casey (guest star Holm), she feels compelled to attend his church to show him that she is a good person. But when Casey admits to Mindy that he thinks she’s a selfish person, she decides to go on the practice’s volunteer trip to a women’s prison to prove him wrong.

Season 1 Episode 20 - Pretty Man

Expired 3.5 62 x
When Mindy decides to have a night out by herself in the city, she hits it off with a stunningly handsome man (guest star Josh Meyers) who turns out to be a prostitute. Horrified, Mindy tries to avoid him until she realises she needs a date for Danny and Alex’s dinner party, so she gives him a makeover a la “Pretty Woman”.

Season 1 Episode 17 - Mindy's Birthday

Expired 3.0 46 x
Mindy’s friends and co-workers unintentionally throw her the worst birthday party ever. After storming out, Mindy stumbles upon a new group of friends with whom to celebrate. But when she ends up in a fight with her new pals, she receives help from someone in her recent past. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy compete for the aff...

Season 1 Episode 18 - Danny's Friend

Expired 3.0 36 x
Danny gets caught sneaking the office supply of painkillers for his troublemaker childhood friend Stevie (guest star Bill Tangradi), who has instant chemistry with Mindy. Meanwhile, Mindy is in for a shock when Heather (guest star Ellie Kemper), Josh’s ex-girlfriend who ruined Mindy’s Christmas party, shows up at her door...
March 2017

Season 1 Episode 16 - The One That Got Away

Expired 4.0 62 x
Mindy reunites with her “first kiss,” Sam (guest star Seth Rogen). The two reminisce about their time at Jewish summer camp, and soon rekindle the sparks of their teen romance.

Season 1 Episode 15 - Mindy's Minute

Expired 4.0 27 x
Mindy gets offered to host her own medical segment on the local news, and counts on an unexpected source to help her prepare for her new gig. Meanwhile, Beverly (Beth Grant) returns to the office as an administrative assistant, but has trouble keeping up with hip culture and modern technology.