The Moodys

March 2014

Series 2 Episode 8 Commitments (Final)

2.0 301 x
A wedding dress is fitted, cufflinks donned, women's hair arranged and shoes shined - but who's getting married? Meanwhile, Sean and Scotty try to outsmart a disgruntled customer. CAST: Patrick Brammall

Series 2 Episode 7 Baby Shower Blues

3.0 96 x
Roger hosts Bridget's baby shower and to Sean's delight, Maree digs out Dan's 'crying' baby doll that he had as a kid. Cora comments that she's not entirely sure a baby is in her future, which throws Dan. CAST: Jane Harber

Episode 6 Vote 1 Terry Moody

3.0 180 x
Terry, in the lead up to his council election, is feeling terrible and requires blood tests. So Sean, as the self appointed campaign manager, decides this is a great opportunity to gain voter sympathy. CAST: Patrick Brammall

Episode 5 Sean's Day In Court

3.0 134 x
Sean ends up in court, but his court date clashes with Terry's local election fundraiser and they both want full family support on the day. Meanwhile, Cora's lip-kissing brother has come to stay. CAST: Jane Harber #TheMoodys
February 2014

Episode 4 Easter Epiphanies

4.0 249 x
The whole clan head to the NSW south coast for the annual Moody family Easter Weekend. However, Kev and Marie get more than they bargained for; Sean gets out-scammed; and Terry has an epiphany. CAST: Jane Harber

Episode 3 Bridget's Surprise 40th

3.0 114 x
The Moody family organises a surprise 40th birthday party for Bridget. On the day, Roger attempts to distract Bridget with a string of activities however his gift leaves them all gobsmacked. CAST: Rachel Gordon #TheMoodys

Episode 2 Happy Anniversary Kevin & Maree

3.0 176 x
The Moody family gathers at the local RSL to celebrate Kev and Maree's wedding anniversary. But in usual Moody style, the celebrations are disrupted. CAST: Patrick Brammall #TheMoodys

Episode 1 Australia Day

2.0 775 x
It's been 12 months since we last saw the Moody family. Maree and Kevin have sold the house, outraging Sean; Dan and Cora have returned home from the UK, and Uncle Terry is throwing an Australia Day BBQ. CAST: Ian Meadows
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