The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency catch up

January 2014

Episode 7 A Real Botswana Diamond (Final)

3.0 391 x
The detective agency is hit by a string of break-ins and someone from Precious's past threatens to jeopardise her future plans. CAST: Jill Scott

Episode 6 Beauty And Integrity

3.0 243 x
A rival detective agency sets up in competition to the No 1 Ladies and a beauty pageant promoter asks Precious to vet the contestants in his 'Beauty and Integrity' contest. CAST: Jill Scott

Episode 5 Problems In Moral Philosophy

3.0 116 x
Precious is asked to help in the case of a woman who suspects her husband has bought a stolen car and she wants to return it so she can be "right with the Lord". CAST: Jill Scott
December 2013

Episode 4 The Boy With An African Heart

3.0 156 x
American woman Andrea Curtin comes to Precious seeking help to find her son who disappeared from a farming commune ten years earlier. Grace seeks a promotion and starts to hone her detective skills. CAST: Jill Scott

Episode 3 Poison

2.5 338 x
Precious visits an orphanage where a young woman tells her she is worried about her father who has become unusually fearful, and a wealthy landowner asks her to investigate a family poisoning. CAST: Jill Scott

Episode 2 The Big Bonanza

3.0 143 x
The cheerful and wise Precious Ramotswe uses her detective skills to investigate a Nigerian dentist's suspicious mood swings and look into an absconding apostolic. CAST: Jill Scott

Episode 1 6/12/2013

3.0 247 x
Precious Ramotswe starts her dream business, a ladies detective agency in Botswana, with proceeds from the sale of 180 cows her father left her. She is helped by her highly-strung but efficient secretary.