The Originals

December 2015

Season 2 Episode 21

4.0 337 x
Hayley and Jackson try to escape through the flooded bayou, as Marcel finds himself hunted by a dangerous new threat. Davina debates a life-altering decision.
November 2015

Season 2 Episode 20

3.0 130 x
Following a tense standoff between Elijah and Jackson, Hayley must make a difficult decision. Vincent approaches Davina with an offer that leaves her intrigued.

Season 2 Episode 19

1.5 93 x
Dahlia gives Klaus and Hayley a deadline to turn over baby Hope. Freya gives Rebekah and Elijah an ultimatum.

Season 2 Episode 18

3.0 115 x
Desperate to vanquish Dahlia, Klaus soon finds himself face to face with another deadly threat: Mikael. Hayley is conflicted.

Season 2 Episode 17

3.0 166 x
Klaus is forced to put aside his mistrust for Freya in order to save Rebekah's life. Josephine makes a startling revelation about Hayley's future.

Season 2 Episode 16

3.0 101 x
Klaus invites Freya to the compound to gain insight into her past with Dahlia. Rebekah has a series of strange visions.
October 2015

Season 2 Episode 15

3.0 110 x
A confrontation with Freya has Elijah and Klaus questioning whether they can trust their long-lost sister. Klaus clashes with Hayley and Jackson.

Season 2 Episode 13

3.0 96 x
Kaleb s forced to make a difficult life or death decision, and Elijah finds himself in the fight of his life after an unexpected visitor comes to the safe house.

Season 2 Episode 12

3.0 94 x
Hayley is surprised when Jackson shares a secret. Davina enlists Kaleb and Aiden's help to rescue Josh and Marcel.
September 2015

Season 2 Episode 10

3.0 100 x
Hayley and Jackson plan to bring the vampires and werewolves together for a truce, but Vincent places a spell trapping the two sides together.