The Pacific: In The Wake Of Captain Cook With Sam Neill

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Season 1
Sam Neill follows Cook through the Artic in search of the fabled Northwest passage and then south to Hawaii where the esteemed explorer would ultimately find his demise. (Final)
Sam Neill follows the path of Cook's third voyage into the Pacific, this time north to the Arctic, and his life-threatening attempt to locate the Northwest Passage.
On his second voyage around the Pacific, Cook boards the Resolution in search of the Great Southern Continent, a mythical land thought to balance the earth.
Sam Neill explores Australia, the final stop Captain Cook made on the HMS Endeavour, learning about a land that was comprehensively inhabited by a well established culture.
Sam Neill continues retracing Captain Cook's initial voyage through the Pacific. Like Cook, he circumnavigates New Zealand/Aotearoa learning the impact the explorer had on its Maori inhabitants.
On the 250th anniversary of Cook leaving Plymouth, Sam Neill visits Tahiti to follow Cook's journey around the Pacific, and hears from Tahitians about what Cook means 250 years on.