The Perfect Serve

August 2021

S1 Ep5

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Following on from Bo's stellar AO Chef Series dinner, the pressure is now on Sarah and Analiese to rise to the task. Some last minute changes to the schedule put Sarah on the back foot as her team are challenged to deliver a five-course degustation menu with very limited time. Analiese is sent into a spin when she receives...

S1 Ep4

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Along with the world's best tennis players, Bo Songvisava touches down in Melbourne to kick off the AO Chef Series. After months of planning, Bo and her partner Dylan have 48 hours to prepare for her highly anticipated dining event. Meanwhile, Analiese has some last minute doubts as she puts the final touches on her menu, ...

S1 Ep3

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The pressure begins to mount on the three chefs as the AO draws nearer and they need to complete their menus. Analiese goes to great lengths to source the freshest produce, including a diving adventure for fresh Tasmanian seafood.

S1 Ep2

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Take an intimate look into the process chefs go through to conceive, source, and test their menus. Join them on their journey as they travel far and wide, meeting farmers, growers and producers, in search of the best ingredients for their signature dishes.

S1 Ep1

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From the heart of Melbourne, we take a look inside the AO Chef Series, a unique and innovative pop-up dining experience that has become a highlight of the Australian Open. We begin with a look back at the history of the AO Chef Series, recapping the international and Australian A-list chefs that have featured in the past a...