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The Player

Alex and Cassandra are sent to Los Angeles to stop a sniper from meting out a drug cartel's harsh justice.

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Season 1
As the House sends him to stop a diamond heist, Alex finds evidence that raises questions about his ex-wife's murder.
Former FBI agent Alex Kane becomes a reluctant player in an age-old secret society's perverse game of chance, where the stakes are measured in criminal acts and human lives.
A movie executive accidently kills a disgruntled screen-writer and tries to fend off a police investigation and an ambitious colleague in this razor-sharp look at the pursuit of power and prestige in Hollywood.
Season 1
Alex and Cassandra team up to find a rogue former U.S. Marshal who holds the key to Ginny's disappearance.
Alex intervenes to stop a mysterious newcomer to the Las Vegas drug scene from instigating a gang turf war.
Alex races to stop a demolitions expert from taking revenge on the bank that foreclosed on his home. Cassandra finds new information about Ginny's whereabouts.
Alex tries to keep a serial killer inspired by Norse mythology from striking again, but ends up placing his teenage niece in danger. Johnson looks to stop an FBI investigation into the House.
Alex is assigned to protect a 15-year-old computer hacker who's wanted by both the Chinese and US governments. Photos on a computer hard drive reveal coded clues about Ginny's fate.
After he's hired to protect a mob boss and his wife from a hit man, Alex learns that their assassination is in play at the House.