The Private Life Of


The Private Life Of An Easter Masterpiece: The Descent From The Cross

208 x
Six hundred years ago, one painting in northern Europe was prized above all others. The painting was huge and overwhelming - the Descent from the Cross. The painter was a Flemish master, Rogier van der Weyden.
Episodes 2013

The Private Life Of A Christmas Masterpiece: The Adoration Of The Christ Child

101 x
A documentary on the history and story of Filippo Lippi's The Adoration of the Christ Child.

The Private Life Of A Christmas Masterpiece: Mystic Nativity

154 x
The story of the Mystic Nativity - Sandro Botticelli's beautiful image of hope in troubled times. This masterpiece was painted 500 years ago in Florence, at the height of the city's fame & influence.

The Private Life Of Episode 3 Pigs

180 x
British farmer Jimmy Doherty establishes some little known facts about pigs, namely that they are smarter, cleaner and more organised socially than you think.

The Private Life Of Episode 2 Cows

122 x
Farmer Jimmy Doherty goes looking for the true inner cow behind the big brown eyes and finds surprisingly sharp instincts at work and a herd behavioural pattern not unlike humans jostling for tribe dominance.