The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Porsha's Family Matters

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Porsha's Family Matters

Family tensions explode past the point of no return, leaving Porsha's blended family in limbo. Porsha has to pick up the pieces and navigate through the mess left behind.

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Season 1
As the family vacation continues, Dennis pleads with the family to look out for Porsha. A day of fun leads to an unexpected night that may destroy Porsha's hopes for a blended family.
With the family in turmoil, Porsha's vision of a blended family looks more bleak than blended. Lauren struggles to maintain control of the spiritual path she had envisioned.
As the entire family prepares for their trip to Mexico, Porsha and Lauren focus on getting Simon and Dennis to join the retreat.
An unexpectedly emotional cookout leaves the whole family with questions. Porsha grapples with the future of her blended family, and Simon is put on the hotseat.
With a milestone birthday approaching, Porsha makes moves to celebrate and settle into a new life with her fiancé, Simon.