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The Real Housewives Of Jersey

The housewives are brought together after two seasons by Brian Dowling to attempt resolution face-to-face.

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Season 2
Mia catches up with Sarha to tell her about Ashley's fury over Mia's involvement in fib-gate. Mia and Sarha get over the divide and organise a dinner party.
Everyone is left reeling in the aftermath of Margaret calling Karen out; the group wonders why Karen wrote the things she did.
Karen decides she wants to arrange a party for Mia's birthday as a thank you gift for Mia arranging the trip to London.
Ashley is having a run of bad luck, but nurse Kate is on hand to drop round and share some love. Ash reveals that she has been wondering about Tessa and Mia.
The Housewives are back in gorgeous Jersey: Tessa, Mia and Karen enjoy some paddle boarding and Margaret, Sarha and Kate plan Ashley's baby shower, and gender reveal.
It's sunny in London and the Housewives are in search of fun. Kate takes Karen and Tessa roller-skating whilst Mia takes everyone else to an immersive experience in a gin bar.
Mia has gathered the girls and they're all off to London in support of her modelling shoot, and in the hope that getting away will bring everyone closer together again.
After the dramatic end to the double birthday bash the housewives are all shell-shocked. Tessa takes time out from everyone, and her friends try to help lift her back up.
It's new girl Karen's birthday and it's Margaret's birthday. Margaret and Tessa are both sore after after the set to they suffered at each other's hand at the summer gala.
Some housewives have managed to put past issues to one side, others have not. As old rivalries begin to bubble once more, new blood brings life to the group of girls.