The Real White Queen And Her Rivals

March 2016


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Author Philippa Gregory tells the interweaving stories of the women who were decisive figures in the War of the Roses. Gregory brings a rich story of intrigue, betrayal, love and bloodshed vividly to life. For Gregory these women matter as much as the kings and nobles in this age of instability and dynastic feud. She describes the lives of Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen, a commoner whose beauty enchanted a king and who suffered shocking tragedy as she struggled to hold a grip on the thro...


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Bestselling author and historian Philippa Gregory presents a convincing and emotional portrait of three women at the very centre of the War of the Roses. At the centre of this turbulent feud were three women. Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen, was the wife of Edward IV. Margaret Beaufort, the Red Queen, was the mother of first Tudor King Henry VII. And Anne Neville was the daughter of the Earl of Warwick ? the most powerful man in the country ? and wife of Richard III ? England?s most notori...