The Royals Revealed


Elizabeth and Philip

3.0 6 x
Elizabeth and Philip have a record-breaking relationship that has weathered triumph, tragedy and glory. Examine how their devotion to duty, monarchy and marriage has made them parents to a nation.
Episodes 2020

Harry and Edward - Princes In Exile

3.0 32 x
When Harry abdicated his Royal titles, history came back to bite the monarchy. Relationships within the Royal family are as strained now as it was back in 1936 when Edward VIII first caused a crisis.

Royal Weddings - Then and Now

3.0 18 x
It's as though the world stops for a Royal Wedding. They've been fascinating commoners for generations. Is it the garb, the pomp and circumstance, or a desire to glimpse into a fairy tale made real?

Diana, Camilla and The Crown

4.0 15 x
Diana and Camilla both fell for a bumbling bachelor, who just so happened to be heir to the throne. Neither could escape prying eyes, as the women who would be Queen embarked on a bitter war.