The Tales Of Nights


S2 Ep8

3.2 712 x
The Hypnotist - Erotic tales from South Korea. A hypnotist tries to win back his ex-lover by erasing her memory and that of her boyfriend. (From South Korea, in Korean) (Drama Series) MA (S)

S2 Ep7

3.0 328 x
Dream Conversations - Erotic tales from South Korea. A young man who dreams of being a dancer, yet has no talent for it, meets a beggar who possesses a door to the future. Through it, he realises his ambition and meets his wife-to-be. (From South Ko...

S2 Ep6

4.0 200 x
The Dreaming Typewriter - A brilliant but arrogant author secludes himself away to write his next best-seller. He is visited by a beautiful woman with a magic typewriter, who offers it and her body to him, promising him the world, yet robbing him of...

S2 Ep5

2.0 340 x
O Cream - Frustrated that he cannot satisfy his wife in bed, Jin-wan hops on the internet and purchases a jar of 'O Cream', which promises to deliver orgasms. Indeed, after applying it to his hands, everyone he touches gets the shock of their lives....

S2 Ep4

3.0 300 x
A Witch's Journey - Dong-ha, a young photographer, is unable to get over his ex-girlfriend Young-in, who disappeared a year ago. In fact, she has become an apprentice witch who visits Dong-ha nightly to have sex. Ki-hae, a beautiful young model, has...
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