The Tipping Points

November 2016

S1 Ep5 - India Water Crisis

Expired 3.0 24 x
An expedition from the Himalayas all the way down across the plains of India, following one of the most famous rivers systems in the world - The Ganges.

S1 Ep4 - Africa Droughts And Floods

Expired 3.0 24 x
From the far north of the Sahara to the far south Cape Town to explore the climate changes affecting Africa's vital weather systems that provide natural rain to 90% of their subsistent farming.

S1 Ep3 - The Permafrost Of The High Arctic

Expired 3.0 35 x
An expedition across Alaska to the North Pole to explore the ticking time bomb of the Permafrost Melt and the release of tines of Carbon Dioxide and methane.
October 2016

S1 Ep2 - Amazon Rainforest Risks

Expired 4.0 34 x
An expedition across the vast Amazon Rainforest to explore the mega droughts and tree deaths occurring that threatens its survival this century.

S1 Ep1 - The Greenland Ice-Sheet Melt

Expired 3.0 35 x
An expedition across the Greenland Ice-Sheet all the way north to Qaanaaq a remote Inuit community to explore the rate of melt of the Greenland Ice-Sheet and its effects on global ocean circulation.
June 2016

S1 Ep6 - Oceans - The Last Frontier

Expired 3.0 52 x
Oceans - The Last Frontier explores the inter-connected relationship between the Oceans and Climate Systems in the context of Australia, the second most vulnerable nation to climate change.