The Unicorn


September 19, 2019

Expired 3.0 7 x
When engaged couple, Caleb and Malory, visit Palm Springs for a weekend to celebrate Malory's parents' 25th wedding vow renewal, they discover the secret to her parent's happy marriage - threesomes. Caleb and Malory set out on a wild night of their own, yet the fun exposes problems in their relationship.
Episodes 2020

Season 1, Episode 18

3.0 46 x
Grace prepares for her her first dance, as Wade feels Jill's absence on her birthday, leaning on his friends to get through it. A chance meeting involving a skunk could change Wade's life firever.

Season 1, Episode 17

3.0 16 x
Wade analyzes his feelings about his casual relationship with Caroline from the Widow's Support Group. Also, Delia and Michelle help Grace work through an awkward middle-school phase.

Season 1, Episode 16

3.0 7 x
Wade lands a job for newly divorced, wealthy Denny but realizes the client is just after a wingman. Meg attempts to get Wade's finances on track, and Forrest and Delia decide to have an argument.

Season 1, Episode 15

3.0 4 x
Natalie ends up paying the price when Wade has a bad date with a classmate's mum. Forrest finds odd ways to fill his time during his unemployment, and Ben clashes with his daughters basketball coach.

Season 1, Episode 14

4.0 8 x
Wade convinces Forrest to take his career advice, and the results are disastrous. Also, Ben lands a lucrative opportunity for his company, but Michelle is uncomfortable embracing their success.

Season 1, Episode 13

4.0 3 x
When Wade decides to redo his will, he is conflicted about who should get custody of his children. Also, Michelle tries to convince Ben to get a vasectomy after they have a pregnancy scare.

Season 1, Episode 12

3.0 6 x
The Widow's Support Group offer Wade unexpected advice for getting out of his dating rut. Delia relentlessly pushes Michelle to follow strict medical advice while recovering from gallbladder surgery.

Season 1, Episode 11

4.0 8 x
Wade considers moving his relationship with Anna forward , if his daughters approve of her after they all meet. Some old belongings at a garage sale bring back priceless memories of Jill to everyone.
Episodes 2019

Season 1, Episode 10

4.0 19 x
Wade is giddy, and his daughters amused about his first crush since becoming single again. Trouble ensues when Grace and Natalie take advantage of the situation by having friends over when Wade is out.