The Vaccine

Season 2021

Season 2021, Episode 32

3.0 4 x
Melbourne records the highest number of daily cases since the pandemic began. Isolation and loneliness is leading to more mental health issues for older Australians. Plus should we be concerned about new variants from Africa?

Season 2021, Episode 31

4.0 8 x
COVID cases in Melbourne and Sydney continue to climb as vaccine milestones are reached. Dr Norman Swan discusses the latest numbers and what it means for plans to open up. Plus vaccine efficacy against Delta and new strains.

Season 2021, Episode 30 - Outbreak: How Australia Lost Control

4.0 8 x
Jeremy Fernandez takes a forensic look at the current Delta outbreak and How Australia Lost Control. We trace back through the data and decision-making to see how the virus spread across Sydney and parts of the nation.

Season 2021, Episode 29

4.0 8 x
More than 70% of NSW population over 16 have now received a first dose of vaccine. Victoria has a first dose vaccination rate of 58.1% of people age 16+. Australia-wide 60.5% have had one dose, and 36.4% are fully vaccinated.

Season 2021, Episode 28

4.0 9 x
As health authorities in NSW, Victoria and the ACT continue to grapple with rising COVID cases, there's some good news with record numbers getting vaccinated. How a future booster program might work plus the situation in NZ.

Season 2021, Episode 27

3.0 10 x
Case numbers in NSW continue to reach record numbers with the Premier warning the worst is yet to come. We analyse the latest figures and examine measures in place to control the COVID outbreak. Presented by Jeremy Fernandez.

Season 2021, Episode 26

4.0 15 x
More areas of NSW have gone into lockdown as COVID spreads across regional areas. Plus Jeremy Fernandez speaks with psychologist Dr Zena Burgess and Lifeline Chair John Brogden about the mental health pressures of the virus.

Season 2021, Episode 25

4.0 12 x
Jeremy Fernandez is joined by Dr Norman Swan, Casey Briggs, medical experts and health authorities to bring you everything you need to know about the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and to answer your questions.

Season 2021, Episode 24

4.0 5 x
More Sydney residents have been told they can't leave their local government area as authorities impose further restrictions in an attempt to bring COVID-19 case numbers down. Plus we take a look at the impacts of Long COVID.

Season 2021, Episode 23

3.0 12 x
South Australia and three council areas in the NSW Central West have joined Greater Sydney and Victoria in lockdown as authorities grapple with the Delta strain. Jeremy Fernandez brings you the latest on the vaccine rollout.