The Vaccine

The Vaccine catch up

Season 2021

Season 2021, Episode 44

3.0 14 x
Jeremy Fernandez has the latest on the rapid spread of Omicron. Melbourne to manufacture mRNA vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna booster shots available five months after your second dose. Qld reopens and WA set date Feb 5. (Final)

Season 2021, Episode 43

4.0 19 x
How has Coronavirus impacted the Australian and global economy? We breakdown the reaction of markets to the ever-changing COVID environment. Plus tourism operators hope lockdowns and border closures are a thing of the past.

Season 2021, Episode 42

3.0 15 x
The world is on alert over the new variant of concern - Omicron. With over 30 mutations to the spike protein, Jeremy Fernandez looks at what we already know, what we don't yet know and measures being taken to slow the spread.

Season 2021, Episode 41

3.0 51 x
ABC Disability Affairs reporter Nas Campanella and Jeremy Fernandez examine the challenges faced by people with disabilities during the vaccine rollout. Plus the significant limitations and surprising benefits of lockdown.

Season 2021, Episode 40

4.0 39 x
The Northern Territory's first case of COVID-19 community transmission, with concerns for the indigenous population in Katherine. Plus how are European countries coping with an increase in COVID cases heading into winter?

Season 2021, Episode 39

3.0 16 x
What does travel look like going forward? We look at what to expect and what you need to consider before you head off. Plus with more international visitors to Australia, how will that impact the number of COVID cases here.

Season 2021, Episode 38

4.0 13 x
The world has now reported its five millionth COVID-19 death, but the official death toll is likely to be a vast underestimate of the true impact of the pandemic. Jeremy Fernandez brings you the latest as Australia reopens.

Season 2021, Episode 37

3.0 21 x
What can Australia learn from other countries which have opened up? Jeremy Fernandez speaks with public health and infectious diseases experts from Britain and Singapore. Plus Norman Swan takes a look at the challenges ahead.

Season 2021, Episode 36

4.0 15 x
As COVID restrictions ease, what impact will reopening have on Indigenous communities? How vaccine access, hesitancy and mistrust impacted the rollout and left vaccination rates among First Nations people significantly lower.

Season 2021, Episode 35

3.0 25 x
What's the cost of coming out of lockdown? Victoria and the ACT are about to enjoy new freedoms and NSW is set to ease restrictions further. Jeremy Fernandez speaks with economist Nicki Hutley and epidemiologist Tony Blakely.