The Valley Of The Kings

February 2016

Ep2 - Death, Burial And The Afterlife

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Death, Burial and the Afterlife - In this episode, Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher reveals a strange and mysterious world: the ancient Egyptian afterlife. To the Egyptians, life was just a dress rehearsal for the perfect afterlife they were trying to reach. Joann clambers into rarely visited tombs, explores a treasure trove of long-buried objects and examines spectacular mummies to discover just why the Egyptians spent a fortune preparing for death - and what they hoped to find when they got the...

Ep1 - Life

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Life - Egypt captivates us like few other ancient civilisations - but what was it like to actually live there as an ordinary person 3,500 years ago? Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher goes on a fascinating journey in search of the people who built and populated this incredible civilisation. Through the histories of Kha and Meryt, an architect and his wife, Joann explores how the population lived during this time, from the tightly packed houses, to the clothes they wore and the food they ate. (From ...