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With the fate of Mystic Falls at stake, Stefan and Damon must fight their greatest enemy for one last battle.

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Season 8
A wedding is quickly planned in order for Damon and Stefan to lure a dangerous enemy out into the open.
Damon and Stefan join forces against Cade to protect Elena's casket, while Caroline and Alaric cope with their daughters' growing powers.
Damon and Alaric face an old enemy after finding a weapon that might kill Cade. Stefan is captured by someone from his past. Bonnie tries to reach out to Enzo through Cade.
Damon makes a deal with Cade to retrieve the Maxwell journal in exchange for Stefan's soul.
Cade returns to Mystic Falls with new assignments for Damon and Stefan that each lead to unthinkable consequences.
Sybil puts Damon in a catatonic state for revenge. Caroline and Bonnie enter Damon's mind and realize Stefan is the key to his fate.
Mystic falls is greeted by a traditional celebration and also two reckless brothers. Caroline remains in denial about the future.
Stefan and Damon attend an anger management support group looking for their next victim. Sybil is still alive and teaching a group of high school students.
Faced with the fallout from his interaction with Cade, Stefan is determined to have one thing go right - Christmas Eve with Caroline
When her children become the focus of the Siren's latest plan, Caroline takes drastic measures. Stefan pledges to do everything he can to save the twins.
Stefan and the others remember what matters most when tragedy strikes close to home.
Alaric and Stefan try to find out about the origins of what they are up to, Damon is searching for an artifact so he travels to Texas.
As Enzo continues to fight the control over him, Bonnie finds herself at the center of a deadly game and forced to make a heart wrenching decision.
No one can accept the loss of Damons humanity that Enzo hopes for too, Damon carelessly tries to prove everyone wrong.
Stefan searches tirelessly for Damon and Enzo months after their mysterious disappearance.
Season 7
Despite their best efforts to help Bonnie through the predicament she faces, Damon, Enzo and Caroline realise their options are running out and drastic measures need to be taken.
Damon's dangerous attempt to save Bonnie takes an unexpected turn, forcing everyone to come together to help her pull through; a new threat jeopardizes Caroline's life.
Damon and Enzo lead the rescue for Bonnie as her condition worsens; Stefan learns the source of Matt's anger toward him; Caroline realizes how much she misses her old lifestyle.
Rayna may be the key to Bonnie's survival after Enzo's efforts to protect her end up putting her life in danger; Stefan faces Alaric and tensions escalate.