The Verdict

November 2015

2015 Episode 8

3.0 170 x
In the final Verdict for 2015 Karl Stefanovic is joined on the panel by author Peter FitzSimons, former Labor leader Mark Latham, online editor Jamila Rizvi, Amanda Vanstone, writer Rachel Corbett and former AFL player Campbell Brown.

2015 Episode 7

3.0 106 x
Joining Michael Usher on the Verdict will be Anthony Mundine, Rev. Bill Crews, Major General Jim Molan (Ret), Osman Faruqi, Mark Latham, Jacqui Lambie ,Rachel Corbett and Karl Stefanovic from Paris.

2015 Episode 6

3.0 178 x
Tonight on The Verdict, Founder of Adopt Change, Deborra- lee Furness, Leader of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Pauline Hanson, Former Howard Minister Amanda Vanstone, Mark Latham, Peter FitzSimons, Jamila Rizvi and Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

2015 Episode 5

3.0 109 x
On The Verdict, Shadow Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese MP, author and environmentalist Indira Naidoo, former Liberal Senator and Australian Ambassador to Italy, Amanda Vanstone, Mark Latham, Sandy Rae, Campbell Brown, and Rachel Corb.
October 2015

2015 Episode 4

3.0 97 x
Tonight on The Verdict, former Howard Minister Peter Reith, international human rights and social justice campaigner Samah Hadid as well as Miranda Devine, Mark Latham, Sandy Rae, Campbell Brown and Senator Jacqui Lambie. Hosted by Karl Stefanovic.

2015 Episode 3

3.0 334 x
Tonight's guests include Tim Costello, Bob Katter, Mark Latham, Sandy Rea, Campbell Brown, Jamila Rizvi and Angela Mollard.

2015 Episode 2

3.0 125 x
Tonight's guests include Mark Latham, Sandy Rea, Miranda Tapsell, Julian Burnside AO QC, Campbell Brown, Anne Henderson and Dr. Anne Aly.

2015 Episode 1

3.0 303 x
Tonight's guests include Mark Latham, Sandy Rea, Senator Jacquie Lambie, Campbell Brown, Jamila Rizvi, Anne Anderson and Dr. Anne Alv.