The Virus

Season 2022

Season 2022, Episode 14

4.0 4 x
What is brain fog? Scientists have been studying the impact of COVID on the brain, so what do we know about it so far? And will that fuzzy feeling ever go away? Norman Swan discusses his personal experience with brain fog.

Season 2022, Episode 13

3.0 2 x
There has been little talk of coronavirus during the election campaign but which party has a policy to control the pandemic? We talk to both sides of the political divide. Presented by Jeremy Fernandez.

Season 2022, Episode 12

3.0 4 x
How much have governments spent on COVID-19? Billions of dollars have been spent, but where has it all gone? And will future generations have to pay for it? Jeremy Fernandez is joined by health and economic experts.

Season 2022, Episode 11

4.0 9 x
Major changes to COVID restrictions announced in NSW and Victoria amid fears Easter gatherings could have been superspreader events. Plus we answer some of your most pressing questions about COVID. Hosted by Jeremy Fernandez.

Season 2022, Episode 10

4.0 9 x
What's it like to suffer from Long Covid? Millions of people are already feeling long-lasting impacts. Jeremy Fernandez speaks with an economist who says governments need to start planning for the consequences of Long Covid.

Season 2022, Episode 9

4.0 3 x
There are now tens of thousands of COVID cases daily across the country, so what impact is that having on businesses and workers? Jeremy Fernandez looks at how COVID-related absenteeism is hindering employers and employees.

Season 2022, Episode 8

3.0 6 x
COVID cases are surging in the community at the same time as restrictions are easing. Dr Norman Swan goes back to basics to look at whether complacency has set in, what we can do to slow the spread plus answer your questions.

Season 2022, Episode 7

3.0 8 x
From COVID-zero to one of the highest death rates in the world, what is behind the surge of cases in Hong Kong? Host Dr Norman Swan asks demographer Dr Liz Allen how will Australians react if restrictions are re-introduced?

Season 2022, Episode 6

4.0 12 x
Are we about to see a new wave of COVID? We look at the spike in cases in Australia and ask epidemiologist Professor Catherine Bennett what we can expect for the months ahead. Presented by Ros Childs.

Season 2022, Episode 5

4.0 10 x
Your one-stop weekly program keeping you up to date with everything you need to know about COVID-19. Dr Norman Swan takes a look at vaccinating our children.