The Wild Adventures Of Blinky Bill

The Wild Adventures Of Blinky Bill catch up

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1 - Brain Freeze

4.0 130 x
When a scorcher of a day sends everyone troppo, Blinky and Jacko set out to find the only known cure.

Season 1, Episode 15 (Homesick)

3.0 43 x
When Eddy gets a bad case of homesickness Blinky and Jacko bring a little New York magic to Greenpatch.

Season 1, Episode 14 (Sir Claude's Last Life)

3.0 50 x
Blinky and Jacko cut a deal to protect Greenpatch when they discover Claude has lost eight of his nine lives.

Season 1, Episode 13 (A New Sheriff In Town)

4.0 50 x
Greenpatch is in need of a New Sheriff as it's slam poetry battle looms.

Season 1, Episode 12 (Poopy Trudy)

4.0 57 x
Blinky and Jacko happen upon a lost doll they mistake for a human baby and become part-time parents while trying to return her to her family.

Season 1, Episode 11 (Jurassic Burrow)

4.0 43 x
Blinky and Jacko embark on an epic journey through the catacombs of Wombo's burrow to retrieve the wombat's lost marbles.

Season 1, Episode 10 (Mystery Ball)

3.0 34 x
A mysterious talking ball lands in Greenpatch and has the townsfolk enraptured with its wise words, especially Jacko.

Season 1, Episode 9 (Attack Of The Extra-tree-restials)

4.0 51 x
A meteor hits the earth near Greenpatch and the townsfolk are soon deep in alien obsessed paranoia. Blinky bravely volunteers to investigate the crash site and discovers more than he bargained for.

Season 1, Episode 8 (It's A Date)

4.0 27 x
Blinky and Jacko visit Pablo at the road house to find him in a love struck daze. Pablo has a date tonight with his dream girl. There's just one problem; he's never been on a date before!

Season 1, Episode 7 (Kev)

3.0 52 x
Greenpatch welcomes a new arrival, Koala so incredible he even smells like a hero, to everyone except Blinky.