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S1 Ep5 - Our Industrial Story 45:42

S1 Ep5 - Our Industrial Story

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Our Industrial Story - Julia Bradbury explores the wonder of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, a time that changed Britain and ultimately the world. Buried deep beneath the Yorkshire countryside, at the Caphouse Colliery, she finds the catalyst for this spectacular change and discovers how...
S1 Ep4 - Our Countryside Story 45:42

S1 Ep4 - Our Countryside Story

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Our Countryside Story - This series celebrates some of the most impressive natural and manmade wonders that make Britain great. Julia Bradbury embarks on a stunning 12,000-mile journey around the country to some of Britain’s most spectacular locations and chooses some of the greatest asse...
S1 Ep3 - Our Beautiful Buildings 45:48

S1 Ep3 - Our Beautiful Buildings

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Our Beautiful Buildings - Britain’s architecture is a glorious mess; a wildly differing mix of styles, design and influences borrowed from all over the world. Julia’s list captures some of this extraordinary variety and the genius of the people who created them. First stop is a stately ho...
S1 Ep2 - Our Royal Story 45:53

S1 Ep2 - Our Royal Story

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Our Royal Story - Britain has an almost continuous monarchy stretching back over 1000 years, which give us a unique royal story that has shaped our national identity. Julia’s list reflects this long running royal soap opera and begins with the supposed home of legendary King Arthur. Real...
S1 Ep1 - Our Coastal Story 46:09

S1 Ep1 - Our Coastal Story

Expired 3.0 53 x
Our Coastal Story - TV Presenter, Julia Bradbury has chosen some of her favourite wonders that make Britain great. From their industrial and royal heritage, to rolling countryside, dramatic coastline and beautifully eclectic buildings. Julia’s 20,000 km journey around the country takes he...
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