The Wonderful World Of Cake

The Wonderful World Of Cake catch up

August 2022

S1 Ep6

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Today, we're behind the scenes at ice-cream giants Ben and Jerry's as they reveal their latest creation - the Crumbalanche - an ice-cream celebration cake that's whipping up a frenzy at birthday parties across the land. Over at Ben and Jerry's HQ in Vermont USA they make a staggering 77 million tubs of ice cream per year, ...

S1 Ep5

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The British cake industry is now worth a whopping 1.2 billion pounds to the UK, whether you bake or not it seems everyone enjoys a slice of cake with their cuppa. In this episode, we explore the history of afternoon tea and go behind at scenes at the most-chic of tea-time offerings at London's Sketch, who produce a stagger...

S1 Ep4

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In this episode, we take an exclusive look behind scenes at the high street stalwart Carluccio's famous panettone factory in Bologna. For just six months each year this mega bakery works round the clock to pump out over a million panettone, that's 1,200 every hour.

S1 Ep3

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In this episode, we reveal the secrets behind one of Britain's most beloved malt loaves, Soreen. The British put away over $3 billion dollars' worth of delicious fruity malt cakes each year - and behind the scenes at Soreen's 7000 square foot factory, we see how over 300,000 loaves are produced every single day.

S1 Ep2

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'Tea break', a slice of cake with you afternoon cuppa, is now the bakery industry's fastest growing category and worth $345m a year. Alongside traditional treats, the seasonal hot cross bun is now muscling in on the top table. In this episode, we’re behind the scenes at the Roberts Bakery - where 2.5 million products are b...

S1 Ep1

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In this episode, we sneak a privileged glimpse inside renown behemoth McVities, learning the secret of how the Titan of Teatime - the Jaffa Cake - is made. For over 100 years, the Jaffa holds a special place in our affection. So much so that the hi-tech McVities Factory in Manchester employs 600 people, working 24/7 to pro...