The World Of Jenks

October 2015

S2 Ep10 - It's Not Goodbye...

Expired 3.0 62 x
It's Not Goodbye... - It’s finally moving day for Chad and his family. During last-minute packing in his room, Chad begins to accept the change, but is visibly struggling to say goodbye to what has been his home for as long as he can remember. Jenks joins D-Real as he shops for baby shoes for his son Dom. And back from the success of opening for Mac Miller, D-Real prepares to host his biggest event yet - a city-sponsored dance battle in one of Oakland's most violent neighbourhoods. Meanwhile, i...

S2 Ep9 - Mac, Models & Chad's Big Move

Expired 3.0 67 x
Mac, Models & Chad's Big Move - Rehearsals for the Mac Miller concert continue in Los Angeles with D-Real, Flii Stylz and the Turf Feinz. But time is running out for them to nail the routine before boarding a flight to Seattle. Kaylin faces fashion show disaster when just hours before her scheduled fitting with the models for a runway show, Kaylin learns that the seamstress did not complete the work on her designs, leaving A stressed and embarrassed Kaylin to show up for the model-fitting empty...

S2 Ep8 - Obstacles & Opportunities

Expired 3.0 50 x
Obstacles & Opportunities - In an effort to help Chad lose weight, Jenks drags Chad to the gym with him. Chad has a trial run at Alfonso's and impresses the staff with his skills and charm. Chad's mum reveals to Jenks that the family is planning to move into a new apartment in a nearby town, but they haven’t told Chad yet. Not well enough to film with Jenks and his crew, Kaylin films herself in her Brooklyn apartment. Frustrated with her constant struggle, Kaylin's spirits are lifted when she's...

S2 Ep7 - Under Pressure

Expired 3.0 83 x
Jenks explains that obsessive behavior is a part of Chad's autism, and that Chad's food fixation is making him gain weight. Jenks sits down with Chad's mother, Sheri, to discuss the reasons for Chad's weight gain and Sheri talks openly about her own struggles with this issue.
September 2015

S2 Ep6 - Growing Pains

Expired 3.0 92 x
Chad and Amanda have a date at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary but moments before Amanda arrives, Chad tells Jenks that he might want to break up with her.

S2 Ep5 - Twists And Turns

Expired 3.0 49 x
D-Real and the Turf Feinz give Jenks a new nickname, Whoa-J (derived from World of Jenks). Jenks likes this nickname much more than his old one, The Gentle Giant, which was given to him in elementary school because he was much taller than the other kids.

S2 Ep4 - The Speech, The Move & The Midnight Walk

Expired 3.0 59 x
The episode begins with a montage of Jenks's college speaking engagements before filming began on WORLD OF JENKS: Season 2. During these appearances, Jenks talked about his first two documentaries, ROOM 335 and THE ZEN OF BOBBY V, and how he got to be on MTV. Jenks plans to use these experiences of speaking in public to help Chad, who must deliver a speech at his graduation ceremony.

S2 Ep3 - Facing Your Fears

Expired 3.0 62 x
Chad, Kaylin and D-Real are at crossroads in their lives and each must overcome their fears in order to move on. Jenks joins Chad for one of his last days at school and they discuss his anxieties. Jenks goes on an overnight camping trip with D-Real and his crew, Turf Feinz. It’s time for Kaylin to have one last farewell party and move to New York, and a new beginning where she doesn’t have to be seen as the ‘girl with cancer’. (From the US) (Documentary) PG **New Episode**
August 2015

S2 Ep2 - It's Prom Night Baby!

Expired 3.0 71 x
Jenks' three subjects all have reasons to celebrate. It's Chad's senior prom, but he is anxious about whether tonight will be the night for his very first kiss. D-Real is hosting his first dance battle with his street crew Turf Feinz. He tells Jenks how he made his brother a promise never to avenge his death and return to a life of violence on the streets. Meanwhile, Kailyn gets a great result on her routine scan and finds out the cancer has not returned for the moment. She shows Jenks the comi...

S2 Ep1 - Live For Today, Pray For Tomorrow

Expired 3.0 46 x
Live for Today, Pray for Tomorrow - Showcases the lives of inspirational young people from various locations of the United States. Each episode, Andrew Jenks moves in with a different stranger for a week to experience their life from their perspective. Get a look at the upcoming season where Andrew spends a year with Kaylin, D-Real and Chad to experience life through their eyes.(From the US) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) PG