The Young Montalbano

November 2016

Ep6 - Seven Mondays

Expired 3.0 65 x
Seven Mondays - The first few months of his relationship with Livia have affected Montalbano deeply, who seems increasingly determined to change his attitude towards the world. But shortly after he agrees to go on a vacation with Livia, a series of alarming crimes take place in Vigata; first the murder of an elderly man and then an outbreak of ritualistic animal killings. Stars Michele Riondino. (From Italy, in Italian) (Drama Series) (Final) (Rpt) M(A,V,L)

Ep5 - The Third Secret

Expired 4.0 55 x
The Third Secret - Montalbano is now well set in his new role, acquiring more traditional habits, but nevertheless is plagued by nightmares about the death of his loved ones. Meanwhile, the station acquires a new young policeman, Giuseppe Fazio, recently graduated from the Academy and ready to follow his leader, even if his youth leads him to first clash with the grumpy Inspector. Stars Michele Riondino. (From Italy, in Italian) (Drama Series) (Part 5 of 6) M (V,S,L)

Ep4 - Wounded To Death

Expired 3.0 20 x
Mortally Wounded - After a few months the relationship between Montalbano and Livia proceeds so well that the young inspector seems happy and stable. Everybody seems to benefit from this relationship, even life at the police station is serene. But Montalbano soon finds himself grappling with the thorny case of the murder of Gerlando Cascio, apparently a simple old man who turns out to be one of the biggest criminals in the area. Stars Michele Riondino. (From Italy, in Italian) (Drama Series) (P...

Ep3 - Back To The Roots

Expired 3.0 20 x
Back to the Roots - Resigned to the end of the romance with his girlfriend Mery, Montalbano throws himself into work, but he is soon shaken by the arrival of the new deputy inspector of Vigata, the young Domenico Augello, which brings with it a certain uneasiness. Later, at a traditional picnic in the square, a child is kidnapped and Montalbano is called in to investigate. Stars Michele Riondino. (From Italy, in Italian) (Drama Series) (Part 3 of 6) M (V,L)

Ep2 - New Year's Eve

Expired 3.0 18 x
New Year's Eve - It's New Year's Eve and Montalbano is still settling into his new post in Vigata when he is called to investigate the death of a hotel guest who has been shot through the window of his room by an anonymous gunman. The plot thickens when he learns that the rooms were switched just before the shooting. Meanwhile, our young police chief finally gets the opportunity to rent the house of his dreams, but his new housekeeper happens to be the mother of a criminal he's put away. (From ...
October 2016

Ep1 - The First Survey

Expired 3.0 28 x
The First Survey - This prequel to the Inspector Montalbano film series opens in the early 90s when Salvatore Montalbano, a talented young policeman, is promoted to the post of commissioner and transferred to Vigata. There he finds himself supervising a group of agents that include Carmine Fazio, many years his senior, and quirky Sicilian, Catarella. Together they investigate a murder that has been pinned on a young woman who just may be smarter and angrier than anyone suspects. Stars Michele R...