This Place: Artist Series

Season 2019

Season 2019, Episode 3 - Vernon Ah Kee

4.0 3 x
Artist Vernon Ah Kee paints larger than life portraits to create contemporary images of Aboriginal people rooted in real life. Follow him as he prepares to paint his grandmother's portrait and revisits places that shaped him.

Season 2019, Episode 6 - Ken Thaiday Snr.

3.0 15 x
Ken Thaiday Snr is a Torres Strait Island artist renowned for his dance headdresses. Inspired by Darnley island culture, his artworks are often larger than life and mobile. Join him as he prepares to ride his latest creation.

Season 2019, Episode 1 - Julie Gough

3.0 29 x
Artist Julie Gough uses her art to bring to life people, places and events from Tasmanian colonial history and gives her viewers a chance to delve deeper and experience the past differently.