Three Blue Ducks

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Season 1
Chef Daz hosts a VIP event at the Ducks' flagship venue, The Farm in Byron Bay. The guests are the top chefs of the region and Daz has to put a lifetime of cooking, into this single moment.
Andy Allen aims to dazzle his peers by creating a new age Asian beef salad. He and fellow chefs Mark and Daz search for exotic flavours in Cabramatta.
Andy, Mark and Daz make unexpected food discoveries in Canberra. They're hoping for inspiration to help design a signature trout dish, but catching the key ingredient is much harder than expected.
Chefs Andy Allen, Mark LaBrooy and Darren Robertson dive for prized abalone off the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. But later when the dish is tested, there's a problem with a key ingredient.
Our chefs head to the central west of New South Wales, in search of top quality, ethically produced lamb. Along the way they get some expert lamb cooking tips from the Country Women's Association.
Travel with "The Ducks" Andy Allen, Mark Labrooy and Darren Robertson as they forage for native plants species, catch seafood in the ocean, and meet providores where ever they're to be found.
Starring MasterChef winner and judge, Andy Allen and co-hosts Mark LeBrooy and Darren Robertson, this new series will take you on a food journey like no other. Coming soon to 10