Throwdown With Bobby Flay

Throwdown With Bobby Flay catch up


13. Fondue

Expired 3.0 17 x
Bobby Flay takes on a gritty Frenchman with nerves of steel. It's fondue time for Bobby Flay in this Fondue Throwdown.

12. Baked Alaska

3.0 6 x
After putting his own personal spin on the dish, Saul thinks he is being featured on a show that explains the chemistry of baking frozen parfait when Bobby Flay shows up.

11. Fried Green Tomato BLT

4.0 12 x
Will Bobby Flay's sandwich be built BLT-tough or will it end up a fried green flop?

10. Key Lime Pie

3.0 13 x
Chef Bobby Flay better hope his Key Lime Pie won't be a lemon when he faces off against a dynamic duo.

9. Vegetable Lasagna

3.0 15 x
Christine and Carla are feeding a community of extended family but will Bobby Flay get booted when he comes knocking for his own Vegetable Lasagna Throwdown?

8. Boston Cream Pie

3.0 10 x
Impressing a Boston crowd with a pie of their own will be one of Bobby Flay's biggest challenges yet. With so many battles fought in Boston, this throwdown may be one for the record books.

7. Grinders

3.0 15 x
Peter McAndrews puts his famous "Paesano" grinder up against Bobby Flay in a 15-round championship throwdown. Will Bobby's Italian grinder go the distance?

6. Moussaka

4.0 10 x
Will Bobby's Moussaka be a match worthy of a throwdown or will this turn into a Greek tragedy? Only one way to find out - tune in for another amazing throwdown.

5. Mini Cupcakes

4.0 12 x
William ""Chip"" Brown was ahead of the curve when he opened Big Man Bakes. What will happen when chef Bobby Flay brings his best mini's west to put them to the test against LA's sweetest tastemaker?

4. Salmon Chowder

4.0 33 x
Written up continuously in Seattle's "Best of" categories, these chefs are confident in the kitchen but what will happen when Chef Bobby Flay shows up to Throwdown his own version of Salmon Chowder?