Til Death Do Us Part

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Til Death Do Us Part

Matt and Nique Leili's love story is a modern romance. They meet online, create a blended family, and appear to have it all. But their 'happy marriage' is soon torn apart forever.

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Season 1
Police are called to a lifeless body in a trailer in Missouri. The owners, Jason and Stephanie McClurg, have suffered misfortunes which have put their marriage under stress
Free-spirited Hope follows her heart to Oklahoma to marry Jerry Meek but it's not long before kids come along and the honeymoon is over.
Dr. Mark Wangler and his wife Kathy appear to be living the middle-class dream: two sons, financial security, and a strong faith.
Ashlee and Emmett Corrigan seem to have it all true love, five beautiful children, and a growing business. But in March 2011, an explosive encounter blows their lives apart.
In 2015 in Newaygo County, Michigan, Marty and Glenna Duram are found gunned down in their own home. At the heart of the crime is their marriage.
Frances and Bill Hall Jr. appear to be the perfect couple two kids, a successful business, and a 30-year marriage.
In January 2003, Curt and Donna Thorngren's 22-year marriage ends in murder. Detectives in Meridian, ID, discover a marriage destroyed by debt, deceit, and drug addiction.