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March 2015

Series 20 Episode 11 Upton

Expired 4.6 496 x
What happens when you try to create your own grand design but find a mystery at the heart of your home, and its origins are so unclear it could either be medieval or Victorian? You call in Time Team to help you work it out!

Series 20 Episode 10 Northwood

Expired 4.3 232 x
Martin Biddle, one of the country's most distinguished archaeologists, joins Tony and the Team as they try to piece together the complete picture of The Manor of More.

Series 20 Episode 9 Dundrum

Expired 3.0 258 x
Tony and the Team search for the remains of a renegade knight's Norman castle in one of Northern Ireland's most picturesque spots.
February 2015

Series 20 Episode 8 Dropshort

Expired 3.0 227 x
In the 1960s, a young PhD student decided to excavate a South Oxfordshire field where a farmer was regularly ploughing up Roman remains.

Series 20 Episode 6 Coniston

Expired 3.0 195 x
Tony and the Team head to the Lake District on an expedition that takes them both higher and deeper than they've ever dug before.
January 2015

Series 20 Episode 5 Barrow Clump

Expired 3.3 180 x
In a sensational three days, an ancient site yields burials dating back to 2000BC, along with rare Saxon brooches, beads, spears and jewellery.

Series 20 Episode 4 Henham

Expired 3.0 118 x
Tony and the Team help charismatic Hektor Rous, the son of 'Aussie Earl' Keith Rous, piece together the mysterious history of the family's Tudor country home in Suffolk.

Series 20 Episode 3 Caerau

Expired 3.0 149 x
Time Team investigate a huge hill near Cardiff that may be immensely significant; is it the long-lost Iron Age capital of South Wales?

Series 20 Episode 2 Brancaster

Expired 3.0 203 x
Tony and the Team uncover their largest ever range and number of items from Roman Britain, and undertake their most ambitious geophysics project to date.

Series 20 Episode 1 Belton

Expired 4.3 234 x
Tony Robinson and the team explore more fascinating archaeological sites in the UK and uncover their hidden secrets in this 11-part series.