Time Traveller's Elizabethan England

May 2016

Ep3 - Brave New World

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Brave New World - In the final episode of the series Dr Ian Mortimer travels through the world of a new and upwardly mobile section of Elizabethan society – the middle class. Ian transports viewers to the electrifying world of Elizabethan theatre at...

Ep2 - The Rich

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The Rich - Dr Ian Mortimer introduces you to the world of the Elizabethan rich and privileged. Money alone is not enough to allow you to blend in with the royal court. (Part 2 of 3) #SBSdoco

Ep1 - The Common People

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The Common People - Ian Mortimer transports viewers back to Elizabethan England and reveals, in vivid detail, a living, breathing Tudor world. Learn how ordinary Tudor housewives turned plants into medicine, how the middle classes kept themselves cl...