Tom Kerridge's Barbeque

Tom Kerridge's Barbeque catch up

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 10

4.0 0 x
Tom Kerridge explores some seriously spicy flavours on his BBQ. But spice does not always mean chilli heat - it can also mean glorious warming and satisfying flavour.

Season 1, Episode 9

3.0 2 x
Tom Kerridge celebrates that BBQ classic - meat served in a bun. But nothing is quite as you might expect.

Season 1, Episode 8

3.0 2 x
Tom Kerridge has a new BBQ skill he wants us all to learn - slowcooking incredible joints of meat for four, six or even eight hours over hot coals.

Season 1, Episode 7

3.0 3 x
Tom gets his BBQ out at the bottom of his garden to show that a chargrilled feast does not have to be for large family gatherings - he has got three incredible recipes perfect for an intimate al-fresco dinner for two.

Season 1, Episode 6

4.3 2 x
Tom serves up a menu of jerk spiced chicken that's barbequed sat on top of a beer can, with whole sweetcorn to serve with it, and a salad of roast peaches, prosciutto, and mozzarella.

Season 1, Episode 5

4.0 0 x
Tom brings on the vibes of a beach holiday with an incredible seafood feast from his barbeque at the bottom of his garden. The intense heat of hot coals is perfect for cooking up a huge seafood platter - complete with razor clams, spice buttered oysters, and glorious langoustines.

Season 1, Episode 4

4.0 3 x
Tom Kerridge fires up his BBQ to create a Middle Eastern feast. Incredible marinated and spiced chicken kebabs form the centrepiece, with smoky vegetable chilli sauce, garlic cream, all wrapped up in a quick and easy cumin flame-grilled flatbread. This is paired with grilled courgette and cauliflower salads, and a creamy a...

Season 1, Episode 3

3.0 3 x
Tom Kerridge gets experimental with his BBQ and shares his recipe for his best ever chargrilled Burger. Taking Spanish flavours as his inspiration, Tom creates a chorizo pork burger tower, complete with manchego cheese and roast pepper salsa, topped off with a padron pepper.

Season 1, Episode 2

3.0 3 x
Tom takes inspiration from the BBQ culture of the USA with his sticky baby back ribs, and his unique smoked burger interpretation of the classic NYC Ruben sandwich is herby, juicy, and full of pastrami flavours, towered up inside a rye bun with gherkins and Emmental cheese.

Season 1, Episode 1

4.0 1 x
Tom Kerridge shows that your barbeque can be used for some of the finest meals you will ever eat. He cooks an incredible cote de boeuf with coal cooked potatoes and blue cheese sauce. Not stopping there, the French restaurant classic lobster thermidor gets the barbeque treatment, along with a burrata salad.