Tony Robinson Down Under


Season 1 Episode 6 - Still Stroppy Beggars

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In the final episode of Tony’s exploration, he looks at the legacy of 222 years of British settlement. How did the country founded as a penal colony grow into a nation, and where are its loyalties today? Tony goes to the true birthplace of The Ashes, helps re-create the first powered flight by an Australian, goes on a legal Fox Hunt, takes a spin with invention buff James O’Loughlin in the first model Ute, retraces The Dismissal with cartoonist Warren Brown, and interrogates former Prime Minist...

Season 1 Episode 5 - Welcome To Australia

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Tony Robinson does an entrance examination to see if he’d qualify as an acceptable migrant to Australia. From its earliest days, Australia needed free migrants to grow and prosper, and it needed women. Schemes were devised to achieve both objectives, with bounties offered for bringing boatloads of human cargo from the UK and Ireland. But the people merchants got greedy, and the human toll was terrible. Tony traces immigration and multi-culturalism from the early 1800s, through the White Aus...

Season 1 Episode 4 - Eureka

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Hear about the early explorer who was shot by his own camel? Tony Robinson goes to the scene of the crime, recreating one of Australia’s most peculiar chapters in history. He walks in the footsteps of the early inland explorers and discovers how the grab for land led to atrocities against the indigenous inhabitants. This episode is about the mixed fortunes of these two groups – the foolhardy explorers who set out into the wilderness, and the gold seekers hungry for riches, and united as they r...

Season 1 Episode 3 - The People Are Revolting

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As the early settlers began to sink their roots deeper into the soils of the new colony, the first rumblings of liberty and freedom began. The authority of the penal government is questioned more and more by the convicts and by the soldiers themselves. Early attempts to escape betrayed a complete ignorance about where they were in the world. Tony visits Port Arthur, and subjects himself to solitary confinement to find out first hand what it was like for the wretched souls who were incarcerated ...

Season 1 Episode 2 - Against The Odds

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The colony started with a bang, but from that point it was a bitter struggle for survival. With the assistance of Tim Flannery, Tony recreates the celebration that was said to have taken place when women were brought ashore many days after the men first landed. From day one, the challenge was to find and grow food to sustain the new colony.

Season 1 Episode 1 - Race To The End Of The World

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From the first sighting by a wayward buccaneer (1688) all the way through to the Sydney Olympics, Australia has been influenced by many cultures. Now Tony Robinson brings his distinctive passion for storytelling and discovery to reveal some astonishing quirks of history on the island continent. The characters who left their fingerprints on Australia’s formative years were predominantly English and Irish. Nonetheless Tony will also reveal some surprising and controversial stories of the settlers...