Top Jobs For Dogs

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Season 1
This series has explored a wide variety of dogs in many rewarding, skillful and sometimes unusual jobs - but the common thread is a human who loves them - which of course means a whole lot of love in return.
Whilst the cute factor is super high when it comes to getting a little puppy, the rewards are also high when you rescue a dog from a shelter or humane society - and it seems you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
From sniffing out rats in the name of conservation to nurturing stroke victims and helping prisoners reintegrate into society, the range of top jobs for dogs is seemingly limitless.
There's a lot of tail-wagging fun whether you're chasing the ball, enjoying the sunshine at a local cafe, guarding a lawn mower or sniffing out the specified scent in drug detection work.
Working dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from pure breeds to mixed breeds, and whether they're shy or gregarious, there always seems to be a role that will suit nearly every dog.
From providing friendship in a retirement village to being responsible in a search and rescue team, these dogs know when it's time to work and put their best paw forward.
Looking after humans is certainly one of the top jobs for dogs - their love and devotion is second to none, and often it's said they sense when help and nurturing is needed.
Trust and consistency is key when it comes to having a dog in the workforce, whether on the frontline with police or searching for koala poo. Having the drive to focus makes these dogs ideal candidates for a top job.
Puppy love is a two-way street - it's true a dog's love is unconditional, but humans also have so much love to give to their furry best friend.
There's no doubt that pretty much any dog can be taught to achieve a goal, but when you talk to anyone who owns a dog, you'll often find they'll say that their dog has become their best friend.
The skills a dog can learn are often surprising and truly wonderful. Whether caring for humans or in the outback rounding up cattle, these working dogs know what it takes to be the best!
Top Jobs for Dogs showcases the many and varied roles that dogs have in the workforce - from companion dogs to police dogs. So many people are able to lead more fulfilling and healthier lives because of incredible dogs.