Total Divas


Episode 14 (C'est La Diva (Part 2))

3.0 22 x
The Divas' Paris getaway continues, as the divide between the Divas gets bigger; Rosa finally meets her little bundle of joy; Nikki learns the fate of her career with WWE.

Episode 7 (Hart of the Matter)

3.0 19 x
Nikki's championship reign is at risk when she faces an old foe; Nattie is torn between taking TJ's last name or having him take hers; Paige fights to keep her relationship with Kevin afloat; Brie has a romantic bone to pick with Bryan.

Episode 18 (Model Behavior)

4.0 23 x
Ariane is embarrassed to have her father meet Vinnie's family; Nattie struggles to support TJ's new career choice when he strips down with some hot models; Paige rebels when WWE tells her not to get a tattoo.

Episode 6 (Paint the Island Red)

4.0 20 x
TJ ruins Nattie's hopes of rekindling their marriage, Nikki thinks she's lost her twin sister, and Ariane kicks Vinnie's desires to the curb.

Episode 2 (Mo Marriage, Mo Problems)

3.0 36 x
Brie's husband admits devastating news; John fears the end of their relationship as a result of Nikki's secret; Ariane puts the future of the Funkadactyls at risk.

Episode 10 (Digging a Hole)

4.0 33 x
The Bella sisters clash as Brie's wedding fast approaches; Nikki avoids telling John about her previous marriage.